Our History

In 1950, the visionary Haji Anfar Ali set out on an extraordinary journey that would forever change the world of perfumery. Having started as a farmer, his profound knowledge of plants and their captivating scents laid the foundation for his success. Through unwavering dedication, he cultivated a bountiful harvest of scented blossoms, harnessing their aromatic essence.

Recognizing Assam's reputation for exquisite oud, Anfar Ali embarked on an agarwood business venture in the tranquil town of Hojai. From this humble beginning, the business flourished and grew exponentially. However, when Haji Anfar Ali passed away, the torch was passed to his sons, Mushtaq Anfar and Faruqe Anfar, who carried the legacy forward with immense support from their mother, Samsun Nehar Begum. Her unwavering commitment became the backbone of the company, ensuring its continued success.

At the young age of 21, Mushtaq Anfar faced the challenge of leading the family business. Despite this, he forged ahead, and in the early 1980s, the first Oudh al Anfar shop was opened in Kuwait. The business expanded further, with shops opening in Dubai and Mumbai during the 1990s, establishing a global presence.

In 2003, Mushtaq Anfar made a significant move into the perfume industry in Dubai, focusing on oud and dehn al oud. Simultaneously, he was elected as the president of Assam Jamiat Ulamae Hind, showcasing his leadership abilities. In 2006, he established the first perfume factory in Dubai, marking the beginning of a journey that would see the company flourish. Today, Oudh al Anfar boasts multiple factories, over 50 retail and wholesale outlets, and a distribution network spanning across 45 countries.

Mushtaq Anfar

Now, the family-owned business is carried forward by Mushtaq Anfar's children: Abdullah Anfar, Fatima Anfar, Obaidullah Anfar, and Ahmedullah Anfar, all under their father's guidance. Mushtaq Anfar's expertise as an excellent perfumer is renowned globally, particularly for his expertise in oriental and Arabic blends.

Abdullah Anfar , the eldest son, graduated from the American University of Dubai, and he handles the company's finances, product development, and distribution network. He provides unwavering support to his younger brothers in every aspect of the business.

Obaidullah Anfar , the second son, graduated from Darul Uloom Deoband University, specializing in dehn al oud. He oversees product development and manages the retail and wholesale sectors of the Gulf region.

Ahmedullah Anfar, the third son, also graduated from Darul Uloom Deoband University, specializing in the fragrance sector. He manages the complete fragrance department of the company, including E-commerce, marketing, oud quality control, and management.

Fatima Anfar, the only daughter, brings her creativity and passion to the family business. Her responsibilities include exploring new forests of oud, sourcing ingredients and raw materials, and excelling in marketing strategies.

Together, this dynamic and talented team continues the legacy of Oudh al Anfar, driven by their shared vision of creating extraordinary fragrances that captivate the world.